Performances amongst the audiences of dance festival (Tanz Im August Berlin, Tanzfabrik Postdam, Festival Danse à la Balsa Brussels).
Playing with proximity, the idea is to make the spectator become conscious of the filter which clothing is, and to use said filter to elaborate another body.
The strategy is to monstrify the body to make it foreign in order to bring it into question and rediscover it.
Via the costume we create a new staggered identity. The body’s original composition and organization becomes random and the clothing takes on a full role as dramathurgical tools.

BY-PRODUCT is an evolutive project taking clothing as the main subject. It manifests itself in multiple formats (animation movies, public interventions, photographic performances.) By-product pinpoints clothing as a sociological filter that frames and defines the image of the body. Costumes, body shapes, its material and volumes are re-assembled to create a twisted entity. Genres are mingling, breasts are multiplying, hairs are spreading, skin is transforming. The body is slightly monstrified to become extraneous.
Each context of presentation stimulates us to invent new formats, creating a proximity towards the people it reaches.
Leslie Mannès / Manon Santkin / Jennifer Defays

Costume design: Jennifer Defays