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Jennifer Defays, also known as Jean, is based in Brussels. 
She chose costume as main subject, working on it as a mise en scene for the body and to make specific artistic research.

In her work, the clothing can be a work in its own right.
Or the costume is as a common place (of the performance) which offers the most sharing immediacy.
She plays by manipulating the costume with the reversability of sign that it allows.
Through different formats (pictures, performances, video, sculptures...), she uses clothing as a sociological filter to suggest another point of view.

She works on costume design and artistic direction for her own projects but also as costume designer for other artists or performances.

This is about costume design, gloves, jewelerys, styling for editorials, experimental musical research...
...and about friendship.


La Cambre Mode Brussels 1998-2003


*Costum design “Bal Tribunal” De Markten Brussels 2018
*Styling Alice on The Roof 2d Album 2018.
*Costume design “To Come extended” Mette Ingvarsten Brussels 2017.
*Fashion editor Weekend le Vif Belgium 2006-2018.
*Costume design Cie Un Loup pour l’homme “Rare Birds” France 2017.
*Head tapestry Movie “The Happy Prince” 2016.
*Head tapestry Movie “Le Jeune Karl Marx” 2015.
*Costume design Cie Les Alices “Les mots perdus” Festival Avignon 2015.
*Costume Design Manon Santkin “unexplained dances” Stockholm 2014.
*Costume design Marcos Simoes and Marcello Mardonnes “Processionism” Brussels 2014.
*Costume Design Sidney Leoni HERTZ Brussels 2014.
*Sound performence Terrarmonium. France 2013.
*Costume designer assistant Armel Roussel” La Peur” Theatre National Brussels 2013.
*Musical live costume design JATAC STUbnitz Hambourg 2012..
*Musical live, performance, costume design JATAC le Central Brussels 2012.
*Costume Design EW “Invariance” Genève 2012
*The Word Magazine Fashion editor. Belgium 2007-2011.
*Team concept and costume design Perfomances BY Product Tanz im August Berlin 2009.
*Team concept and costume design Perfomances BY Product “Do it yourself” Potsdam 2009. 
*Team concept and costume design BY Product Festival Danse à la Balsa Brussels 2008.
*Team concept and costume design BY Product TanZ Im August Berlin 2007.
*Costume design Andros Zins-Browne “Limewire” PARTS Brussels 2006.
*Costume design Mette Ingvartsen “TO COME” Brussels 2005. 
*Magazine issue: Beople Teen-age issue Belgium MAR-AUG 2003.
*Maison Martin Margiela Lign 0 Artisanat 2002.


*Achievements Fashion contest ITS FOUR contest Trieste Italia 2005
*Achievements Fashion contest Coral Brussels 2004


*Bienal ARTour Belgium 2013
*”Dress Code” ISELP Brussels 2009
*”Brenda” 8 photos serie 2008 *”Mode design Brussels” costume art work 2006
*”Selected pieces” photographies (styling) 2006
*”Fist shot” Gloves Brussels 2006