Artistic direction and costume design : Jennifer Defays
Performers, photographers and video : JATAC & Co

Initially envisioned and conceptualized to be presented in video format, the rendering of this performance is shown here in photo format.
This act of 13 performers took place during 18 hours within a decor void of public but transmitted via direct streaming by means of several high definition webcams (both stationary and mobile).
The performers were in an augmented reality experience.
The audience finds itself between the burlesque, a biting caricature of a reality show and the suggestive voyeurism of amateur soft porn.
The clothing amplifies the dramaturgy: one can qualify it as grotesque, transgressive and ironically making fetish-like references in order to amplify the comedic.

“Using the shape, by covering and exposing, between hybrid, indecency and appeal to the sexed flesh, it aims to suggest another sensation and to create a confusing body”.