J.A.T.A.C. is a collective formed by spontaneous generation in 2010.
Multimedia installations, Concerts, Videos, Augmented reality show, live web,headphone music sessions...
J.A.T.A.C. is a T.A.Z. with variable geographies, a closet to parallel universes, a maelstrom of random connectivities.

J.A.T.A.C. est

Jean, Feyd, Tseg, Anju & Kayoum
+ Kuntaka Malu, Gary, ian, Naan, Truc-Anh, Caro, Fabrice, Sabrina L, Greg, Pascal, Fred, Sabrina M-S, Cat, Mathieu, Gaëlle, Romain, Cha!, Hélène, Luvan, Guillaume M, Guillaume B, Dom, Casper, Hugo, Isa, Nico M, Lulu, JP........

JATAC Le Stubnitz : Concert live Hambourg,
Costumes design : Jennifer Defays
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